Paul Banks & The Carousels

Yelling At The Sun

Art By Dave Eggers


Paul Banks (self-titled)

She's no more than a mother hen
Just incubatin' eggs
She don't wanna to be the bird
That lets the others fly
My, my
She'd be alone

See the crow, the robin, and the dove are flyin' high overhead
But she won't let the one she loves be tellin' her goodbye
'Less she's dead

So when the farmer comes 'n' sticks his head in
We won't move or budge
'Cause we're fine just sittin' here on the eggs, and
Who are you to judge?
Said I wanna be a man
But it's hard

Times are changing, so do you
I've gotta see the light
I'll always love my dearest one, but she won't see me fight
I just can't take care of her now

So when the farmer comes 'n' lifts us all up
I won't put up a fight
And I won't keep sittin' on a beauty
Who flies toward the light
Said I wanna be a man
But it's hard
To let go
Of family