Paul Banks & The Carousels

Yelling At The Sun

Art By Dave Eggers


Yelling at the Sun

Even Solomon had the hots for about a thousand girls or more
Skeletons were waiting behind many palace doors
And the psalmist and Bathsheba found no hope inside the dark
As they looked with jealous eyes

And the children were all sages who moved mountains with their faith
While the old man crouched and cried in his ecclesiastic state
And Wisdom, she shouted loud and clear on closed and bitter ears
As he looked with jealous eyes

And me, I gnaw, and I scratch at nearly every single thing in sight
I gotta eat it all, swallow all I see, I gotta win every single fight
While a king, he sits upon a throne, and he weeps at the turn
As he looks with jealous eyes

And Consequence, well, she was there, but Justice, she was not
And the old man tipped his hat to the hand that he had got
And he went about his merry way as blameless as can be
As he closed his dying eyes