Paul Banks & The Carousels

Yelling At The Sun

Art By Dave Eggers

Live To Share

Paul Banks (self-titled)

You can seek, but you won't find it, my love
That is, if you're seekin' it all on your own
'Cause we were meant to share it
Yeah, we were made to share
When your'e alone, you're wrong, my love
My love

The very worst moments can't be shared, love
And that's the very worst, 'cause I live to share
Yeah, we live to share
And I know if I'd suck in my pride I'd find ya standin' there
My love

And you know that we can dance if you want to
I won't push you away
We can carry all the baggage
To the edge of the sea
'Cause when God made the oceans
He knew all about you and me
And we can share in that, share, so easily
My love

Still, I'm afraid to talk to you, my love
Still, I'm afraid to talk to you, my love

[Paul Banks (self-titled) album cover art and design by Whitney Kay. She designs ads and such for Frito Lay at The Marketing Arm in Dallas and is funny.]